Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

My Unfinished Blog

I am still fairly new here in word press so this is really my first time participating in the one-word prompt from The Daily Post.  I am still learning to navigate my way around here but am learning as I go.  I began this blog spot a few months back because I wanted to find a place where I can create a platform for an online journal and blogging page. However, every time I try to begin a blog, I get started on it then much of my content often goes unfinished.  Yeah I have a habit of doing that from time to time, writers block I guess.  I usually have these big ideas of wanting to build a blog, yet every time I do try to create one, it ends up laying dormant for a while.

Its taken me a while to understand how to get a flow going in whatever it is I am writing about here but I think I am starting to get a hang of it now.  I know when I signed up here I began seeing the one-word writing prompts in my inbox but I wasn’t exactly sure how this worked.  Now I think I am figuring it out, so this will be my first post in this unfinished category.

I would really like to engage myself here more because I want to learn how to improve my writing skills and become a successful blogger.  I am exploring blogs that can help give me a sense of where to go from here, for the first time blogger that I am.  If anyone can offer any tips on how to create a good blog, please feel free to leave a comment because I am still new at this.  To get a better sense of how to be a successful blogger I signed up for some of the courses that WordPress is offering, such as…Blogging : Fundamentals, and Writing : Finding Every Day Inspiration and Writing : Shaping Your Story.

Since this is my first response in The Daily Post One-Word Prompt, I am going to leave the rest of this area unfinished for now so I can go further and comment on and explore other categories as well.


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